Sunday, May 21, 2006
I seriously suck at this blog thing.

It is now my second joyous week of summer vacation, done with my second week of jack shit and sitting around (minus the constant parental demands). What's weird is that my parents are giving me rules like "be home at 12:30" and "you cant see your friends every day of the week." My personal favorite: "go to your room and think about it." Did i just re-enter life as an eighth grader? Or a two year old? You can tell that I've been away from the blogger scene for so long by my sentences, which now begin with a capital letter and have more or less correct punctuation.

My first semester actually turned out pretty well.
Second semester, I got cocky, so the result was not so good.
I can only make the best out of it now.

Even if my parents weren't constantly on my case about it, I myself am feeling a little too lazy. Apparently I am one of those lucky ones who needs to do work all the time. I actually clean now. For fun. Boy, I guess I've changed.

I'm still going out with my boyfriend. For anyone who's interested.

Today I spent the whole day cleaning out the garage with my mom (ugh) or watching my two year old brother. Kids are so much work. Remind me that I said that in the future when I forget that and want some little people of my own. My neighbor across the street has a three year old girl, and it's like my brother and this girl are in some cheesy, run across the grass towards each other arms stretched out kind of relationship. Obviously they're toddlers and their relationship is based on follow the leader, but still, there is a strong level of attachment. Anyway, this girl's dad kind of creeps me out. I know this is unbelievably cocky, but I feel like I'm that girl, that college girl that the pervy neighbor secretly wants.

Other than my past semester, my insane parents, and the fact that I need a job, life is good.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
College makes a person fat. The only way I would justify eating this much would be if i were pregnant. But I'm most definately not. I practiced dance for the first time in six months yesterday. That's the longest time I've gone without dancing for about 14 years. Way to be an idiot, me.

I am struggling in this place called school.
Struggling in the sense that I need all A's.
and now thats a bit far away

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
this would be me updating.
this would be me updating while i'm supposed to be studying for one of three french exams.
this would be me not the sharpest tool in the toolbox in french.
this would be me having 2 A- and a C on three midterms and an A- on the last french exam.
this would be me going what the fuck.
this would be me with a boyfriend. who goes to school ten hours away. who i am completely in love with. and is completely in love with me. with whom i've been going out for three weeks and we already said i love you. because this is the most bizarre relationship ever. we started a long distance relationship while we were already apart. we couldnt take the distance any more. we had to. and we realized we love each other. a lot. a whole lot. i hope so at least.
this would be me having a great roommate and a great girl across teh hall and we are a little threesome.
this would be me missing you guys.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
so far it rocks.
i'm going to take pictures and post some of htem when i figuer out how that works
the people are so nice
we're all so close on my floor
we get no sleep
we'er crashing
and then watching garden state...

and well, thats about it really i got some of my books i have like thirty books wtfffff and i'm not looking forward to al the work when classes finally start..but i guess i'll have ot deal

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
god i need to do so many things before school starts.
problem is.
i dont remember what to do..or if i'll even have time to do it

and my schedule for the first week is a complete mystery to me because i'm so lame and horrible and procrastinatorish that i havent sorted through my papers nad aahhhhh

walking throught the target today was weird. first of all i was p;ushing a cart. i do not push carts. i get a dainty little basket and restock on hairspray and maybe a few things for the parents. But no. there i was with Tide and Palmolive for MYSELF. that was bizarre...i've done so much shopping parents will go broke.

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Monday, August 22, 2005
Less than a week till I move in?
Me? in college?

I always thought that people in college were so old.

I guess I am now.

I have to pack, I have to shop, my parents have like negative money, I just have zero money, I'm not exactly sure what to do about that..its going to be - difficult? in school saying oh no i cant do something oh i really dont feel like doing that just because I dont want to spend money, and its really selfish of me to sit there and be like "oh its going to be awkward" when i know my parents and my brothers are giving up things themselves and I really really hope everything works out for my family because..well..they're my family..

I'm going to miss the familiarity but I am definately not going to miss the nagging. Ugh. And at least I'll be cleaning up my own mess rather than other people's. Well, mine and my roommates. I'm nervous about getting along with her too. And I hate that nyu has a 60/40 ratio girls/guys AND a lot of the guys are gay, but then i figure, i found someone at my high school with a ratio just that bad so maybe the same will happen. I feel so lonely lately. There's so much to do! I don't know what it is I'm exactly supposed to be doing either.

confused, much.

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Friday, August 19, 2005
suddenly i feel like my friends dont like me

i'm full and feeling pretty damn fat too.


so that kid got a judicial review in his first day for throwing a party but basically for just making a lot of noise- they shook the floor with the speakers...good for him i say.

i dont want to go to college. well no. i want to party my ass off. i dont want to do work.


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